Social Distancing Kit – New Product

The coronavirus pandemic has completely changed the way in which industries and businesses operate. The Government has issued a guidance to businesses on how to introduce and adhere to social distancing rules that are likely to be in place for a long period of time. Businesses must adapt quickly to new ways of operating, making sure that all employees, visitors and customers keep the recommended distance and practice good hygiene.

With that in mind, we have teamed up with another British manufacturer, Viking Signs, to create a ready to use Social Distancing Kit to ensure that all reopening businesses can adhere to social distancing rules. Both Advance and Viking have continued to operate during the lockdown, and so we have combined our knowledge and expertise to create solutions for both the industrial and retail sectors. These ready-made Social Distancing Kits packs make it easier for those responsible for the sites to get started and buy everything they need in one pack.

Find out more about our Social Distancing Kits:
Retail Social Distancing

Industrial Social Distancing Kit

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