Cloth Tape and Duct Tapes

Advance has a broad range of cloth tapes and duct tapes. We manufacture adhesive tape to meet the demands of many varied applications in professional trades.

In general, these tapes are strong and offer good conformability and some can be removed cleanly with no residue. We manufacture a range of gaffer tape for the entertainment industry. All cloth tapes from Advance Tapes have non-corrosive adhesives keeping any reaction with the surface applied down to a minimum. Some will peel clean from surfaces. Polycoated tapes perform better in this respect, although surfaces should be tested if this is critical.

If you wish to write on the tape for identification purposes, uncoated tapes may be the best choice. Alternatively, tapes with a matt surface will perform better than gloss coated tapes. The most popular colours are black, silver and white. For a much wider range of colours, polycoated tapes offer the best choice.

Our full range is shown below.

Products : Cloth Tape

AT0121 Veterinary Rayon Cloth TapeAT0121
AT0122 High Tack White Rayon Cloth TapeAT0122
AT0123 Sport Grip Rayon Cloth TapeAT0123
AT0132 All Purpose High Tack Duct TapeAT0132
AT0142 Sport Grip Cotton Protection TapeAT0142
AT0159 High Quality Matt Waterproof Cloth TapeAT0159
AT0160 Premium Quality Matt Waterproof Cloth TapeAT0160
AT0163 All Weather Duct TapeAT0163
AT0165 Extra Strong Waterproof Cloth TapeAT0165
AT0167 High Performance PCL TapeAT0167
AT0170 Strong Building Duct TapeAT0170
AT0171 Standard Building Duct TapeAT0171
AT0172 Premium Building Duct TapeAT0172
AT0175 Industrial Waterproof Duct TapeAT0175
AT0180 Premium Industrial Waterproof Duct TapeAT0180
AT0182 Flame Retardant Cloth TapeAT0182
AT0200 Ultra Matt Cloth Tape Advance Gaffa®AT0200
AT0201 Matt Cloth Tape Advance Gaffa®AT0201
AT0202 Gloss Cloth Tape Advance Gaffa®AT0202
AT0220 Exhibition Floor Tape Advance Gaffa®AT0220
AT0293 Premier Closure Plate TapeAT0293
AT0560 Livestock Identification Tape Agritape®AT0560
AT0563 Heavy Duty Sealing Tape Agritape®AT0563
AT0566 General Purpose Repair Tape Agritape®AT0566
AT0575 Quick Fix Repair Tape Agritape®AT0575
AT0713 Matt Nuclear TapeAT0713
AT2002 High Specification Flame Retardant Cloth Tape - FAR 25.853(a)AT2002
AT4001 Coil Insulation Glass Cloth Tape Class B 130°CAT4001
AT4002 Coil Insulation Glass Cloth Tape Class F 155°CAT4002
AT4003 Coil Insulation Glass Cloth Tape Class H 180°CAT4003
AT6190 Extreme Tack Duct Tape - AT6190AT6190
AT6200 Strong Orange Building Duct TapeAT6200
AT712 Nuclear Tape -AT712AT712

Products : Cloth Tape

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