PVC Adhesive Tape

Advance Tapes is a global manufacturer of PVC adhesive tape. With over 50 years experience, we are well-known for the quality of the products and its expertise.
Advance has an extensive range of PVC tapes which cover many applications including general purpose, electrical, https://www.advancetapes.com/products/at8/, hazard warning, duct sealing, vapour barrier, protection, construction and industrial applications.

In general, our PVC tapes :
• Conform to awkward surfaces very well.
• Have some degree of electrical insulation due to the nature of PVC.
• Are inherently flame retardant due to the nature of the polymer
• Are water resistant.
• Non-corrosive adhesives.

Our full range is shown below.

Products : PVC Tape

AT0004 General Purpose PVC TapeAT0004
AT0005 Jointing PVC TapeAT0005
AT0007 PVC Electrical Insulation TapeAT0007
AT0008 Social Distancing Floor Marking Tape - AT8AT0008
AT0008H Social Distancing Tape - Hazard Warning Tape AT8HAT0008H
AT0009 PVC Duct Sealing TapeAT0009
AT0010 PVC Heavy Duty Pipewrap TapeAT0010
AT0020 PVC Extra Heavy Duty Pipewrap TapeAT0020
AT0027 Translucent Repair TapeAT0027
AT0034 High Performance PVC Electrical Insulation TapeAT0034
AT0042 General Purpose PVC Building Protection TapeAT0042
AT0044 Low Tack PVC Protection TapeAT0044
AT0045 Translucent Blue PVC Low Tack Protection TapeAT0045
AT0066 Long Term PVC Protection TapeAT0066
AT0068 Easy Tear PVC Protection TapeAT0068
AT0074 High Temperature PVC Electrical Insulation TapeAT0074
AT0077 All Weather PVC Electrical Insulation TapeAT0077
AT0088 PVC Shuttering TapeAT0088
AT0208 Coloured PVC Dance Floor Tape Advance Gaffa®AT0208
AT0209 Clear PVC Dance Floor Tape Advance Gaffa®AT0209
AT0211 Ribbed PVC Protection TapeAT0211
AT0505 Agritape® Silage Sheeting TapeAT0505
AT2000 Anti Slip TapeAT2000
AT3400 High Performance PVC Electrical Insulation TapeAT3400
AT4000 PVC Phase Marking TapeAT4000
AT6000 Easy Use PVC Building TapeAT6000

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